About Us

All Alive is a reading about a state of matter not yet recognized that provides the energy of life itself. One day in 2025 during a cosmic alignment that occurs every twenty-fifth year of a new millennium, computers in the top researching facilities received a message sent through all the voyagers in orbit. Soon after, the state of matter began transferring to the planet and gave energy to life never expected to live. Seeking to restore the universe, everything must awaken and prove to deserve to exist.

The book follows the journey of a group of characters who are all affected by the transfer of the new state of matter. The characters come from different backgrounds, but they are all drawn together by their shared experience and the desire to restore balance in the universe. As they navigate the challenges posed by the new state of matter, they learn to work together and develop new skills that help them in their quest.

One of the most interesting aspects of All Alive is the way that it explores the concept of deserving to exist. The transfer of the new state of matter creates a sense of competition between life forms as they strive to prove that they are worthy of existing. This theme is explored throughout the book as characters struggle to survive and thrive in the new environment created by the transfer of the new state of matter.